Bangladesh: Reform Agenda for Local Governance

লেখক: Tofail Ahmed

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A comprehensive reform package for local governance which may transform currently practiced ‘Presidential form of LGIs into a ‘Parliamentary system’. It may turn every LG body into a mini Parliament. Electoral system will also be relatively simpler and contradiction between the MPs and other LG leaders is likely to be minimised.

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‘Governance crisis’ both at national and local levels has been a formidable challenge in Bangladesh for last few decades. The book provides a comprehensive reform package specifically addressing the crisis in the arena of local governance. It contains a long list of reform agenda with reasonable elaboration and analysis that include constitutional guarantee for proper functioning of elected LGIs, uniform electoral reform formula, new organisational structure of LGI in line with parliamentary form, functional and expenditure assignment framework, inter-governmental resource transfer, a framework for sustainable capacity development and staffing pattern for all LGIs in Bangladesh. It also contains a special reform package for Chittagong Hill Tracts. The reform agenda, if implemented, may immensely contribute to accelerate local service delivery, local economic development and above all inclusive, sustainable and democratic ‘local good governance’ in Bangladesh.

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Tofail Ahmed

Dr Tofail Ahmed is a well known ‘Public Intellectual’ in Bangladesh with rich and colourful background and vast working experiences in different organisations such as, Faculty member of BARD (Comilla), Professor, Department of Public Administration, University of Chittagong, Member of Local Government Commission, and Local Governance Adviser to the UNDP, Head of Politics, Democracy and Governance Cluster at BIGD, Brac University and Currently Fellow at BIGD and Director, Manusher Jonno Foundation. He is a bi-lingual author, published 20 books and a large number of professional articles in Bangla and English. For detail information, personal website: may be visited.

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