Vincent of Bangladesh

লেখক: Vincent Chang

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This book features the journey of Professor Vincent Chang as Vice-Chancellor of BRAC University from 2019 to 2023, highlighting his insights on higher education in Bangladesh and its role in national development.

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This book tells the story of Professor Vincent Chang, who served as the first foreign Vice-Chancellor of BRAC University in Bangladesh from 2019 to 2023. It explores his experiences and insights on Bangladeshi higher education, students, and society as a whole. The narrative includes his early life and struggles, his vision and philosophy, his working method as well as his impactful work overseas in the academia, notably building a prestigious business school for Peking University in China and contributions to universities in Hong Kong and Oman. It also features some of his selective interviews and speeches delivered to inspire the students, which are highly relevant to Bangladesh's educational context and national development.

Vincent of Bangladesh aims to work as a source of inspiration for Bangladeshi students, educators and policymakers to prioritize higher education as a key driver for the nation's progress.

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