Terrorism in Bangladesh:The Process of Radicalization and Youth Vulnerabilities

লেখক: মনিরুল ইসলাম, জিয়া রহমান (সম্পাদক)

বিষয়: বইমেলা ২০২৩

৫৬০.০০ টাকা ২০% ছাড় ৭০০.০০ টাকা

The book is the first of its kind empirical study of terrorism based in Bangladesh focusing on the process of radicalization, ideology and youth vulnerabilities that lead to violence. Undertaking qualitative research methods, it has been written based on primarily data collected from terrorist suspects, their families, law enforcement officials and experts of various disciplines. 

 Based on the incidence of terrorism that takes on a politico-religious nature, the book attempts to understand which factors play significant roles in developing violent singular identities and looks into indoctrination, politics and proliferation, vulnerable youth along with the vulnerability of regions to extremism.

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