The Report of the HAMOODUR REHMAN COMMISSION of Inquiry into the 1971 War


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The Hamudoor Rehman Commission was assigned by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto immediately after the defeat of the Pakistan Army in Bangladesh. The Commission investigated what happened in 1971 in East Pakistan. They have analyzed the struggling democracy of Pakistan, the periods of Marital Law leading up to the birth of Bangladesh, and all the events up until the surrender of the Pakistani army in Dhaka. It presents a striking analysis of the personalities who ruled Pakistan and those who carried out their orders. The report is based on the evidence from the three hundred summoned witnesses and hundreds of classified army signals. The report's findings accused the Pakistan Army of carrying out senseless and wanton arson, killings, and rape on the pretence of quelling the 'rebellion.'

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President of Pakistan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto constituted the commission with Mr. Hamoodur Rehman the then Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, as its head. The other two members of the Commission are Justice Mr. S. Anwarul Haq, Judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, and Justice Mr. Tufail Ali Abdur Rahman, Chief Justice of Sind and Baluchistan High Court. Lt. Gen (Rtd.) Altaf Qadir and Mr. M.A. Latif, Assistant Registrar of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, were Military Advisers and Secretaries of the Commission, respectively. This was the formation of the committee that submitted its original report on July 12, 1972.
After the arrival of the prisoners of war in Pakistan in July 1974, the commission was reintegrated with all its previous members, with Col. Hassan as its new legal advisor.

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