Inside The press Box

লেখক: Azad Majumder

বিষয়: বইমেলা ২০২৩

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Inside the Press Box: Sports Journalism in Bangladesh Context is the first book of its kind in Bangladesh, which discusses the academic side of Bangladesh sports journalism with a personal touch.

 Bangladesh has nearly 1,000 sports journalists working in the print media, television, and digital platforms. Many of them look for academic resources that can help them learn and develop their talents, but to no avail. The book provides them with an opportunity to learn a few basic things about sports journalism, like the concept of a sports report, sourcing, news structure, objectivity, sports journalism and nationalism, the ethics of sports journalism, the use of data in sports reports, a technique for conducting interviews, how to make the most of a press conference, etc.

 Everything was placed in Bangladeshi contexts to help readers visualise the information. Sports journalism books in the US highlight sports such as the NFL, rugby, and baseball. These sports are not widely practised in Bangladesh and are rarely covered by the Bangladeshi media. Books published in the UK discuss issues that are too wide for Bangladesh, where the sports industry is still growing.

 As a result, Bangladeshi journalism students and journalists cannot take any real benefit from those books. Inside the Press Box: Sports Journalism in Bangladesh Context aimed at addressing the issues for their benefit.

  • শিরোনাম Inside The press Box
  • লেখক Azad Majumder
  • প্রকাশক ঐতিহ্য
  • প্রকাশের সাল ২০২৩
  • মুদ্রণ 1st Edition, February 2023
  • বাঁধাই (হার্ডকভার)
  • পৃষ্ঠা সংখ্যা ৯৬
  • দেশ Bangladesh
  • ভাষা English

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