Few Pebbles from the Ocean of FMCG Marketing

লেখক: Faisal Mahmud

বিষয়: ব্যবসা ও বিনিয়োগ

১৫০.০০ টাকা ২৫% ছাড় ২০০.০০ টাকা

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Few have the appetite to learn and even fewer have the courage to write and transfer the knowledge to others. Faisal is one of those rare professionals who has this ability to describe tough situations in simple terms. He has worked with three great brands in his career. Grameenphone, Berger Paints & Rupchanda- all three are no. 1 in their category. Having worked with winning brands in the country, Faisal got the opportunity to interact with people from diversified sectors and gather valuable brand and process insights. This book is easy-read for young professionals, but at the same time it opens new windows of thought. This book might provide a real-life reference on what a Marketer does, everyday. Shoeb Md. Asaduzzaman Head of Business Bangladesh Lamps Limited

  • শিরোনাম Few Pebbles from the Ocean of FMCG Marketing
  • লেখক Faisal Mahmud
  • প্রকাশক আদর্শ
  • আইএসবিএন ৯৭৮৯৮৪৯৬২৫২৬১
  • প্রকাশের সাল ২০২২
  • মুদ্রণ 1st published 2022
  • বাঁধাই Hardcover
  • পৃষ্ঠা সংখ্যা ৭২
  • দেশ বাংলাদেশ
  • ভাষা English

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