Moulana Bhashani : His Creed and Politics

লেখক: Anisuzzaman Chowdhury (সম্পাদক)

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 Moulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani was a rarely-born, legendary political leader in the history of Bangladeshi nation. His political career started in British India, and continued in Pakistan and Bangladesh. He was an icon for people's struggle in these three phases of our political history.

 He was an unorthodox visionary leader who led our people ahead of the time. He foresaw the independence of Bangladesh long back in 1957 when he said good-bye to West Pakistan. He led the nation towards this direction with his relentless struggle for democracy, secularism, an exploitation-free society and for the causes of the toiling masses.

 He was a rare personality in our politics who was indeed a selfless, uncompromising fighter for the emancipation of the exploited people.

 Politics of Moulana Bhashani was not an altogether different subject from spiritual or religious life; he was a spiritual leader, too. To him the struggle to end the oppression of man by man and establish justice is the essence of religion. He was rightly known as “Majlum Jononeta”, the leader of the oppressed.

 The compilation of articles in this volume is intended to shed some light on the Moulana's politico-religious philosophy and his political style.

 The authors of these articles have tried to focus on various aspects of Moulana's multi-faceted nature very objectively.

  • শিরোনাম Moulana Bhashani : His Creed and Politics
  • লেখক Anisuzzaman Chowdhury (সম্পাদক)
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