Bangladesh Style of Citation of Legal Authorities

লেখক: রিজওয়ানুল ইসলাম

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১৮৭.৫০ টাকা ২৫% ছাড় ২৫০.০০ টাকা

Bangladesh Style of Citation of Legal Authorities (BSCLA), is the first citation guide for legal scholars, students, and the legal community in Bangladesh. The guide includes citation style of cases, statutes, government documents, treaties and scholarly writings: books, book chapters, and journal articles etc. It aims to introduce a uniform and streamlined referencing style in Bangladesh for the legal community in Bangladesh.

“I believe, it will be of great avail not only to the legal scholars and researchers, but also to the judges and lawyers, who constantly need to cite and refer to legal authorities. By providing a concrete citation style, it will streamline the referencing style practiced in Bangladesh and introduce consistency and uniformity in the process.”

Justice Syed Mahmud Hossain, the Honourable Chief Justice of Bangladesh

“I strongly believe that this guide will be a handy tool for scholars and practitioners who are required to refer to legal authorities in their works. . . The BSCLA is definitely a step forward in the right direction for legal academia and practice.”

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আলোর উৎস কিংবা ডিভাইসের কারণে বইয়ের প্রকৃত রং কিংবা পরিধি ভিন্ন হতে পারে।

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আলোচনা ও রেটিং
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  • (০)
  • (০)
  • (০)
  • (০)
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